Federal Review to Explore Impact of Cannabis Legalization

The Canadian government have launched a long awaited review of the government’s Cannabis legalization today.

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A century-long prohibition was lifted by Liberals on the recreational use and sale of cannabis in October 2018, with the provision that they review the law three years after. The review is to look at how the legalization of marijuana has affected the health of Canadians, the domestic cannabis industry and the black market.

The Canadian press reports that “the review is nearly a year overdue”. “The Legislation dictates that the federal government must investigate the impact of legalization on public health, youth consumption and indigenous persons and communities”, reports Canadian Press.

The review will also look at the cultivation of cannabis in homes and whether legal cannabis has made any progress dislodging the illicit black market.

A five-member panel of experts, headed by Morris Rosenberg, will look at the effect of the legalization on every facet of the society with special attention to affected women, indigenous and racialized people who might face greater barriers to participating in the legal industry.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos and Addictions Minister Carolyn Bennet must present a report to the House of Commons and Senate within 18 months of the launch of the review.


SOURCE: The Canadian Press



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