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Essential Women Shoe Styles To Shop Now

A good pair of shoes help you create a fashion appeal and the perfect look to satisfy your style. They are a sure way to help enhance your look, from giving you the burst of color you need, to giving your jeans the perfect makeover. If you are looking for latest shoe trends to invest in, then check these out.

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Colorful Shoes: Embrace the joy of dressing up with brightly colored shoes. They help add a pop of color to your dressing. Though black or brown may be logical and would match with anything, bright colored are fast becoming a 2022 shoe trend. Boldly invest in that colorful shoe to give you a burst of color.

Mules:  According to Charlie Bells, “Mules have pretty much cemented themselves into our wardrobes the past few seasons…” They are easily slipped on and do not need any extra time on fastening straps. There are comfy, open toes, pointy toes and not too high mules you can purchase, that is, if you do not like too high heels. They basically suit every fashion need.

Sneakers: Sneakers can be paired with pretty much anything, even a dress. They add a comfortable feel to your dressing. The best part about sneakers is, you don’t have to break the bank to own them.

Sandals: The trend on sandals these days are sporty sandals with chunky soles. They are a worthy addition to shoe collection. They can be paired with jeans, shorts, and a short dress. They are designed to last long and get through any weather.

Heels: Platform heels, strappy sandaled heels are always ready to make you look fresh and chic. It gives an unexplainable confidence, elongates your legs, and elevates your dresses. Though they may not be for every day, they are definitely a must have.


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