ELDEE’s album – Undeniable

 Veteran rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer Eldee the Don has been in the industry for many years. The Trybes Records’ boss presents his curtain call album ‘Undeniable’ and it is a bomb! Eldee continues to raise the bar with his music and this album is no exception. ‘Undeniable’ consists of 11 tracks which include a skit (a mini-song in my opinion). It is indeed a short album and I’m hoping for a deluxe or extended version but I still believe it’s top-notch. 

The first track ‘Higher’ is his first single with Trybes record members K9 and Sojay. The record was released towards the end of summer last year. At first it did not agree with my taste but as I replayed the song, it got hold of me. This is an up-tempo party song. The trio did well with the song. It’s a hit by all standards.

Been there, done that’ comes in next. I don’t know who Eldee was taking shots at but he definitely schooled them and I hope they got the message. On this track, Eldee reminds the young cats in the game that ‘you aren’t a boss just because you have a hit single on the radio’. He lets us know that he is indeed one of the big shots in the industry with many accomplishments to his record and it isn’t easy getting there. I love the delivery and production of this track.

I doubt if you can ever go wrong with a wedding song and ‘Today today’ is no exception. The video and audio were released not too long ago and from what I heard, the song becoming the choice at weddings. Kudos to him! I though it’s about time Eldee released a song like this…he’s practically done every other type of song.

 ‘Always’, my personal favorite is a song written for Eldee’s daughter. The message of this song is powerful and I believe we can all relate to it even if we’re not girls. Eldee foretold the experiences his daughter will possibly face in the coming years and how he would always stand by her no matter her fate. Good lyrics, good beats- a complete package. We need more of this kind of music from Nigerian musicians. I hope you all are taking note.

The next song which is titled ‘Rundown’ is special majorly because of the accompanying beats. It definitely catches your attention. Both Eldee and Banky W did well in the track.

Then came the ‘Transformer Love’ [Skit].  I doubt if anyone else could tell you to ‘…go hug a transformer’ in a better way than Eldee did on this skit. Despite the fact that it is a skit, I must commend Eldee for his impressive vocals in this mini-song. If you’re a hater, this one is for you and you might just as well whistle along to it.

I’m seeing a pattern here and I guess Eldee is using this album to re-affirm his lofty position in the Nigerian music industry. In ‘Category’, he sings about not being on the same level with some others (I really wonder who). One thing is sure though-the fact that you can actually dance and party to this song. It is certainly another hit song for the clubs.

Next track is the very popular ‘Wash Wash’ which is funny though but makes sense in its own way. I believe Eldee is one of the few people that can pull a track like this off and do it very well. His verse on ‘Jah-bless’ (remix to Joor Oh!) was a tip of the iceberg but this song just proves that Eldee is not only talented but creative with a good sense of humour. Many Nigerians can relate to the track because believe it or not, instances he mentioned actually occur in real life.

Eldee enlisted the help of star boy Wizkid on ‘Never let you go’. It was a solid track, although I expected more from Wizkid’s verse which turned out to be nothing new. Wiz made up for it in the hook though.

This Azonto trend is obviously not going anywhere and Eldee with the help of K9 puts together the jam ‘Zombie’. The reason I like the song is not because it’s an “Azonto” song but because it’s a track you can go crazy dancing to, no matter what type of dance you choose. It is definitely one of the top Azonto-type songs I’ve heard from a Nigerian so far. Also listening to the lyrics, It’s rather funny. This will definitely be that club banger!

Although I’m sure we won’t want the album to end, it does unfortunately, but on a strong note. Eldee raps in this track about his career; how it started, the obstacles faced and how it all worked out in the end. With Sojay on the hook, this song is indeed very powerful. Eldee also thanks his fans and supporters, what a good way to end an album.

Eldee the Don is ‘Undeniably’ talented, hence the title of the album. How many times in music do we sacrifice good lyrics on the platform of entertainment and sustaining the fans’ interest? Eldee is such a talent that he doesn’t just stop at entertaining but you also notice that his lyrics are always on point. He sings about things that happen on a day-to-day basis. His themes and lyrics are never superficial but very realistic. They are things his fans can identify with.

However, fans will most likely not be content with only 11 tracks. They, like Oliver Twist, will certainly want more because the quality of the songs and their arrangement in the album are classic. Eldee keeps raising the bar and I am anxious to see what he plans for his new signees. I rate this album 4 star out of 5.



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