Dodge Charger SRT Daytona Back for SEMA in Stryker Red

Dodge is set to release its electric charger Daytona concept for the second time and this time in a very red and carbon0fiber 18-inch wheel.

[Photo Credit: Auto Blog]

The future of Dodge performance is heading towards electric power and upgraded high-horsepower. Dodge said the charger Daytona SRT will replace the V8 muscle cars in 2024, and it will be powerful.

Although Dodge hasn’t specified how many electric cars will have the Daytona Charger SRT, the lineup of power levels was revealed. The charger Daytona SRT will be available with the 340-badged base model making 455 horsepower and the second-tier 440-badged model producing 590hp. Also, owners will be able to upgrade their cars.

During the SEMA show, Dodge will allow attendees participate in a Public Research to determine the sound of the future Dodge electric muscle car. The SEMA show runs from November 1 to 4 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center with a public day on Friday.


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