DIY: How to Make Lip Balm

Learn how to make your own lip balm in simple and easy steps.

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If you have dry and chapped lips, it is essential that you rehydrate your lips regularly. Using lip balms help restore your lips as your lips are more prone to dryness and irritation. Now, what better way to take care of your lips than taking advantage of the ingredients in your lip balm. DIY lip balms help you have natural beneficial ingredients that allows your chapped lips to heal faster. Plus, you can gift your loved ones a customized lip balm.


Double Boiler

Grated Beewax

Virgin Coconut Oil

Raw Honey

Vitamin E Oil

Empty Lip Balm container/tin


In the double boiler, melt the beewax, ensuring it doesn’t boil. When it is almost melted, add coconut oil and honey. Blend the ingredients together, then add a few drops of vitamin E (preferably a drop or two). Allow it to cool down a bit, then transfer into an empty lip balm container.


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