When you think of dating, you think pre-marriage. No! No rule says dating has to stop after marriage or after having kids for that matter. The spark does not have to go out after saying “I Do”. If you want to keep the fire of your romance fiery after some years of marriage, here are some tips for you.

Be committed to each other. Make time to do things no matter how busy work gets. Have fun together. The first step to a long lasting romantic relationship is commitment to each other. Plan your time in whichever way works for you both. You can plan to have a date night once a week, perhaps a month.

Dates do not have to be expensive, so don’t wait until you have “big money” before doing something together. Just enjoy each other’s company in the most frugal way that you can. Take your mind off the quality of date and just enjoy spending time with spouse. Whatever you both enjoy together that will not encroach on your budget, by all means do it!

Not only will dating reignite the spark in your relationship, it will also help strengthen your friendship. It is also a constant reminder of what you mean to each other, the more time you spend together, the more bond is strengthened. Making happy and great memories together help you to easily overcome trying times.


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Written by Monsurat

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