Danielle Smith Wins UCP Leadership, Becomes New Premier

Danielle Smith has been voted in as the new leader of United Conservative Party and the new Alberta Premier-designate.

[Photo Credit: CBC]

Danielle Smith was voted in today as the new leader of United Conservative Party and Premier-designate of Alberta to replace Jason Kenney, making her the 19th Premier of Alberta.

“The party announced Smith garnered enough ranked-ballot votes to beat the six other candidates and become the new leader”, said Global News.

Smith won 53.77% of the majority vote form party members and will be the new leader of the UCP in the upcoming provincial election next year. She will be sworn in formally as the premier in Edmonton on Tuesday.

Smith said in her victory speech “Today marks a new beginning in the Alberta story. It is time for Alberta to take its place as a senior partner in building a strong and unified Canada. No longer will Alberta ask permission from Ottawa to be prosperous and free….we will not have our resources landlocked or our energy phased out of existence by a virtue signaling prime ministers”.



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