Danielle Smith to Pursue Brooks-Medicine Hats Seat in By-election

Alberta’s new premier-designate, Danielle Smith, says she will seek the seat of Brooks-Medicine Hat in by-election.

[Photo Credit: CBC]

The new premier-designate of Alberta, Danielle Smith has confirmed that she will pursue the seat of Brooks-Medicine Hats in by-election.

Although she does not live in the area, Smith said she would be pursuing the seat for better representation of rural areas at the highest level of government. This came after the Brooks-Medicine Hat legislature member, Michaela Frey, made it known she will not be running for the 2023 provincial election.

Smith who lives in High River, visited Brooks-Medicine Hats on Saturday, to meet her campaign team. She said she is willing to travel so as to stay in touch with the area. She also said the area has the same issues as the area she lives in.





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