Culture of the Nafana People

The Nafana people are a Senufo people living in the Central North-West of Ghana and North-East of Cote d’Ivoire.

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The Nafana people speak the Nafaanra, a Senufo language. The cultural heritage town of the Nafana is Jamera where all their history and traditions is based.

The Nafana are a group of farmers who believe they originated from a village called Kakala in Ivory Coast. Oral history reveals that some of the Nafana people are still residing there, and if they go back would not be allowed to leave again. Nafana people arrived in the Banda area after the Ligbi people.

Traditionally, the Nafana celebrate the Soghei festival annually. The Songhei festival also called Sugweh is a festival celebrated by chiefs and people of Nafana in the month of June/July. Traditional dances and drumming are performed to entertain the chief and visitors.

The Primary religion of the Nafana is Islam, but with a blend of traditional believes. They are known to mix superstitious practices with Islam such as use of magic amulets and using verses of the Quran to bring miraculous healings.


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