Carbon Tax Protesters Force Temporary Traffic Redirection West of Calgary

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Hundreds of protesters against the carbon tax blocked the major highway down to a single lane on Monday.

The protest, organized by a group called Nationwide Protest Against Carbon Tax, was one of 15 that took place across the country. The rally temporarily blocked part of the Trans-Canada Highway linking Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The country’s carbon tax was increased by 23 per cent. On April 1, the federal consumer carbon levy increased from $65 to $80 per tonne. The change price change will apply in every province and territory except British Columbia and the Northwest Territories that have similar pricing systems and Quebec, which has its own program.

The rally began at 8am at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 22 near Cochraine. At around 5:07pm, Cochrane RCMP had advised the public of potential delays or disruption on Highway 1, West of Cochrane. Commuters were notified of traffic redirection and advised to consider alternate routes.

“If you have travel plans in this area during this time, consider alternate routes”, said Cochrane RCMP. “

Alberta RCMP and partner organizations will be present to ensure that the impact on travelers will be minimized and to ensure traffic disruption will not affect public safety.”

However, at around 7:30pm, RCMP said the diversion had ended and traffic was flowing normally in both directions.

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