Canadian Government to Introduce New Parental Benefit

The new benefit could offer parents who are growing their family through surrogacy or adoption more time with their baby.

According to CTV News, the federal government is planning to implement a new parental benefit that will offer parents who adopt or grow their families through surrogacy or adoption more time at home with their children.

Major employment insurance will reportedly be announced soon and the refit will include a new 15-week parental benefit. In an exclusive interview with CTV News, employment Minister Carla Qualtrough revealed that a new adoptive parent benefit is in motion and will include parents who welcome a child via surrogacy.

“It’s a matter of equity”, Qualtrough said in the report. “We need to make sure people bond and we heard that very loudly during our consultation on EI modernization that parents want this and we are going to deliver it for them.”

The report says several promises have been made by the government to introduce the 15-week leave for parents who adopt, but it hasn’t been implemented. The minister said the government is working towards understanding how changes in the EI payments affect employee and employer contributions.

Although, according to CTV News, it is unclear how soon the benefit will be available and the minister did not say whether the EI reforms will be included. Qualtrough only revealed that it will be available in “the coming months.”

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