Canada Temporarily Lift International Students Work Permit to Address Labor Shortage

The Canadian government has announced that international students are now eligible to work more hours in order to address labor shortage.

[Photo Credit: Toronto Star]

The Canadian government will now extend international student’s work permit to allow them work more hours off campus in order to address the labor shortage.

Sean Fraser, the Canadian Immigration Minister, said “International students contribute to our country in so many was. They enrich our communities, and play a crucial role in growing our economy. Today, I announced new and important measures to help address the labor shortage and continue to support international students”.

According to Global News, “starting Nov.15, a previous limit of 20 hours per week that eligible students enrolled in full-time studies were allowed to work off campus will no longer apply. The temporary measures will remain in place until end of 2023”.

This measure is to help the country offer enhancement to employers in sectors that are facing “severe labor shortage”.


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