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Calgary’s Bridgeland 3×3 Sport Court Officially Opens

The Calgary Parks foundation officially launched a new port-focused park in Bridgeland community Saturday morning.

[Credit: CTV News Calgary]

The sports court will allow people of different ages and abilities to make baskets. The official launch took place Saturday at 9 street and Centre Avenue Northeast. The launch set off with a 3-on-3 basketball game amongst members of UCalgary’s men’s team and youth from the community.

The new launch is part of the government’s initiative to support active living in youth.

The CEO of Sheila Taylor Parks Foundation said in a City News report that “These kinds of sports amenities bring out kids who would quite often be sitting at home isolated and inactive. So now they have a place to play with friends, meet other people and it’s also a way for families and others to just have a great outdoor space that is a good addition to that local community”.

Parks foundation have a history of helping communities develop by helping to raise funds and creating recreational spaces for citizens.






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