Calgary City Council to Discuss Potential Regulation of Day Homes

[660 News/City News]

The city of Calgary council explores licensing private day homes to improve safety and accessibility.

After the summer break, the city council discusses proposed by law that will add rules to unregulated day homes as one its first agenda.

The proposal was first brought forward last year for the city to consider a metropolitan business license for unlicensed private day homes. The only rule presently guarding private day homes is that care providers cannot look after more than six children at a time.

The proposed bylaw states that “private day homes will not be required to get a license but will be required to adhere strictly to additional regulations”, says report.

City News reports that the movement for a regulation of childcare was “started by Jen Woolfsmith, after her 22-month old daughter, Mackenzy, died in an unregulated day home in 2012”.


SOURCE: The City News


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