Calgary Activates Municipal Emergency Plan After Water Main Break

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The City of Calgary has activated its Municipal Emergency Plan after a water main break occurred on Wednesday.

An Alberta Emergency Alert, sent to all residents of Calgary around 6:30am, stated that “A water main break along 16 Avenue has impacted the city’s water supply. Supply levels have reached a critical state, affecting the city’s ability to provide water to communities and ensure adequate water is available to support emergency fire suppression.”

The alert advised residents on what they can do to conserve water, including limiting shower or bathing time, delaying washing dishes or running appliances that use water until further notice.

“Every drop counts. And thank you to every Calgarians that have made small changes in their habits today that have contributed to helping. We need to keep our foot on the gas”, said Susan Henry, Chief of Calgary Emergency Management Agency, on Thursday afternoon.

The city put out its own water advisory around 5am on Thursday morning. In an update on X, the city said “We’ve activated our Municipal Emergency Plan due to the recent water main break, resulting in level 4 outdoor watering restrictions and voluntary indoor water restrictions.”

In another update, also on X, the city said “Crews continue to work on repairing a large water main break in the Bowness/Montgomery area. The break is on a critical transmission line that enables us to move water across the city.”

“We appreciate Calgarians reducing water usage wherever possible”, the city added.

The city says officials 24/7 to complete “the necessary repair work.”

Meanwhile, a boil-water advisory remains in effect for Bowness, but water in other parts is safe to drink. The boil-water advisory requires all residents and businesses to bring water to a boil for at least one minute before consumption. Also, water that will be used to brush, clean raw food, make ice and prepare infant formula or juices should also be boiled.

Nine water wagons have been deployed to Bowness for residents. They were deployed to Bowness Community Association, Bow Crest Nursing Home, Our Lady of Assumption School, Belvedere Parkway School, Bow Centre Seniors Home, James Shouldice Manor and beside the Bowness Car Wash at 6540 Bowness Rd. N.W., says City of Calgary.

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