Big Brother Titans: Biggie Pulls First Twist With Four New Housemates

Four new housemates entered the Big Brother house on Thursday, ready to join the competition.

The first edition of the Big Brother Titans, which is a combination of South African and Nigerian housemates, has been going on for four days.

In the first twist of the show, four new housemates were introduced on Thursday during the pool party. They are Sandra @sandra_essiene, Miracle Op @_miracleop, Theo @theophilus_traw and Blue Aiva @blue_aiva.

The four new additions came in dressed like Ninjas and carrying trays of snacks. At first, the housemates didn’t know what to make of the Ninjas until they slowly started to undress. The housemates were surprised and elated to see the new additions.

It is yet to be revealed if the housemates are fake or real. The housemates have started to bring us the drama and entertainment.


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Written by Monsurat

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