Alberta Reveals French and Science Curriculum to begin this Fall

The new curriculum phase-in will begin in September to help students better prepare for the rapidly changing labor market.

Alberta government has released three finalized curriculum subjects to be taught in K to 3 classrooms starting this fall. Science, French first language and literature, and French immersion language arts and literature curriculums will be introduced for Kindergarten to Grade 3 in September.

Schools will have the option of teaching students in grades 4 to 6 if they so wish, said the province on Friday. Education Minister Adriana LaGrange said “curriculum renewal is essential to help prepare our students for a rapidly-changing labor market, which is placing an ever-increasing premium on adaptability and transferable skills.”

The government said they have been listening to feedback from parents and teachers as regards the curriculum. “In response to feedback on the original draft, changes across the (Science, Francophone and French immersion) subjects have been made to address areas of concern with content load, age appropriateness and wording clarity”, said the statement.

The k to 6 students will also be learning the new English language arts and literature and mathematics curriculums, when the 2023-2024 session begins. “Alberta students deserve to be learning from the best curriculum possible, and moving forward with curriculum renewal is essential to help them prepare for a rapidly changing labor market”, said LaGrange.

The government said it will be putting forward $47 million towards equipping teachers. The fund will be used to support teacher’s professional learning and help students buy new resources to support implementation.

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