Alberta Government Introduces Firearms Legislation to Counter Federal Regulations

If passed, the bill will give the province more authority over firearms regulation

The Alberta government announced the firearms act on Tuesday, offering more clarity for gun owners and more provincial authority over regulations, reports Global News.

The purpose of the Bill 8 Alberta Firearms Act is to allow the province to develop regulations and advocate on behalf of firearms owners. Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro has been critical of the federal Liberals’ Bill C-21, which includes a national handgun freeze and prohibition on many assault-style firearms, says Global News.

There is not a lot of detail in the legislation and Shandro said it is written that way for a reason. According to him, the federal government has given out few details about its plans, and the province can only adjust the legislation as it learns more about what those details are.

Shandro said “I characterize it as being nimble. That’s important because we don’t have any details yet. Once we do see those details what we have here is an opportunity for us to be nimble and develop regulations to respond to that at that time.”

According to Global News, Shandro said the province never agreed with the federal government’s plan to restrict gun ownership in Canada, saying it was infringing on Canadians’ rights. Shandro said in the report, “once passed, the Alberta Firearms Act will be the most comprehensive provincial firearms framework in the country.”

“By establishing in legislation the role of Alberta chief firearms officer, this legislation will elevate the responsibilities and legal mandate of the office to the fullest extent of the law.” The province has revealed that there are more than 340,000 licensed gun owners in Alberta and about 30,000 prohibited firearms are believed to exist under the federal definition.

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