Alberta Defense Lawyers Escalate Job Action as Wage Dispute Continues

Alberta Defense Lawyers escalates funding dispute with province as they say they will stop taking new legal aid files.

[Photo Credit: The Global News]

The lawyers made the decision to take more job actions following their meeting with defense lawyer associations in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Southern Alberta. The association started their job action on August 8, refusing to accept files legal aid files on bail and duty counsel.

City News report says the “criminal lawyers association accuses Justice Minister Tyler Shandro of inaction, and claims he chooses chaos for Alberta courts”.

The defense lawyers continued to take more job actions on September 2, when they refused to take new legal aid files for serious crimes like homicide and sexual assault while at the same staging a 90-minute protest outside Calgary and Edmonton courts.

In the latest job action, the defense lawyers say they will stop accepting all new work from Legal Aid Alberta on September 26. They have called on Minister Shandro to make adequate changes to the funding of the Legal Aid Alberta.

Minister Shandro on his part, said the government the required changes will come next year and also mentioned that the “government is monitoring the effects of the job action”.



SOURCE: The Canadian Press


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