African Golden Cat

The African Golden Cat are the forest-dependent wild cats endemic to the rainforests of West and Central Africa.

[Photo Credit: David Robert Mills]

The African Golden Cats (Caracal Aurata) are previously placed under the genus Profelis, but because of their close relationship with the Caracal, they have been placed into the genus Caracal.

Although closely related to the Caracal, The African Golden Cat are distinctive with their shorter untufted ears, a longer tail, and a shorter, more rounded face. They have small rounded ears, with their eye color ranging from pale blue to brown. Their fur color ranges from chestnut to greyish brown, with some having faded tan or black spots.

About twice the size of a domestic cat, the African golden cat are heavily built cats, with stocky, long legs and large paws. Male African golden cats are usually larger than the female. They prefer to live in dense, moist forests with heavy undergrowth close to rivers, but also live in cloud forests, bamboo forests and high moorland habitats.

Scientists have described the African Golden cats as solitary animals, who are normally nocturnal. However, scientists have also reported that they have been seen hunting in the day, which depends on the availability of prey.

African golden cats are able to climb, but mainly hunt on the ground. They are known to feed on rodents, birds, small monkeys, small antelopes, domestic poultry and livestock. The females have a gestation period of around 75 days after which they give birth to one or two kittens. They have been reported to have lived up to 12 years in captivity.

The major threats to African Golden cat are deforestation and bush meat hunting.


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