Afang Soup

Afang soup is a popular Nigerian soup made with vegetables.

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Afang soup is native to the Efik tribe of Nigeria, but is eaten generally across different tribes.

Afang is made with Ukazi leaf (also called afang leaf) and water leaf, combined to make a highly nutritious and delicious soup. Afang soup can be eaten with swallow like fufu, pounded yam, semo, wheat and so on.


Sliced Waterleaves

Ground Ukazi Leaves

Ground crayfish



Palm oil

Periwinkles (optional)

Stock fish/ Dry fish

Assorted Meat (pomo, tripe, etc)

Salt and seasoning to taste


Grind or pound the Ukazi leaves and set aside. Wash the stock fish and also set aside. Slice the water leaves, wash and drain in a sieve.

Then in a pot, boil your washed assorted meat with onions, seasoning and salt. When your meat has cooked for a while, add the stock fish or dry fish, and let them cook till tender. Afterwards, add the palm oil, ground crayfish, periwinkles, pepper, seasoning and salt, stir together. Cook for about 5 minutes, then add the water leaves and stir together. Allow to simmer for only about 5 minutes, then add the Ukazi leaves, stir continuously and leave for two minutes.

Your Afang soup is ready to be served with your swallow.






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