Aeonium plants are popular landscape plants known for showy rosettes of fleshy green leaves.

Close-up of Aeonium Arboreum, Aeonium Black Rose Succulent.[ Credit :Prangkul RuangRI/ Getty Images/IStock photo]

Aeonium is a genus of 35 species of succulent, subtropical plants of the family of Crassulaceae. The Aeonium plnats are native to the Canary Islands, Morocco, and East Africa.

They have succulent leaves that are arranged on a basal stem, in a dense, spreading rosette. The distinctive feature of this plant is the manner in which the flowers bear free petals and are divided into six or twelve sections.

Unlike other plants in this family, Aeoniums are not drought resistant, due to their shallow root systems. This makes each rosette produce a central inflorescence only once, and then dies back.

There are several species of Aeonium like Aeonium Aureum, Aeonium Decorum, Aeonium Tabuliforme, Aeonium Arboreum and others.

Aeoniums are both indoor and outdoor plants. They thrive generally in warm weather and may need lots of direct sunlight, although they need to be partly shaded in the summer or the dessert. Aoeniums also need more water than other succulent plants, but not too overwatered as this will lead to root rot.




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