6 Fun Bonding Activities for Married Couples

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Often times, married couples stop dating and fall into a relationship rut. This happens when you do not take the time, albeit so little, to do something together. There are endless fun activities couples can engage in and in this article, you will find what I consider six of the best things to do together as a married couple. This is because these six are guaranteed to not only explore one person’s hobbies or interests, but to ensure you both have a great time together.

Date Nights: Plan a spontaneous time out with your spouse, or better still take turns planning a date in a week or month. When you have something to look forward to at the end of the week or month, it brings the excitement into your time together.  Dates don’t have to be expensive, just do something fun that will make you both happy.

Try Something New: This is a brilliant way of having fun with your partner. Try out something you would probably not do on a normal day. You could have a day set aside for that, for example “try something new Friday”. It could be anything you’re both interested in, and you can make it more fun by having a jar filled with your bucket list. On your try out something new day, pick something out of your jar and go do it together. You could also learn something new together.

Road Trips: Pack your bags, get on the road and create a memory together. A romantic getaway gives you both quality time together. All the adventure you will come across on the road is guaranteed to bring you closer to each other. Doesn’t matter if your trip was far or near, the most important thing would be that you have created time for a bonding activity .

Home Project: Try to work on a project in your home that needs remodeling. It would be fun planning and working on something together. You will especially feel more attached to the project because it’s your space.

Cooking/ Food: Food is a sure way to bond. Spending time in the kitchen to cook a meal is a sure and sensual way to connect. Put on the music, get a glass of wine and make it a fun time. You don’t like to cook? Oder takeout, enjoy your wine and dance together while you wait for your meal. You could also try out a new restaurant in the neighborhood.

Relive Old Times: Simply do the things you both used to enjoy before you got married. Is there anything you used to really enjoy before you got married? You would like to visit old places and recreate those pictures? Then do it. This could serve as a good bonding activity for you both.


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