Having a clear strategy for your style ensures you are always well dressed. Follow these few tips and grab more attention by dressing sharp always.


SUITS: Invest in a suit even if you don’t need one, you never know when you will need them. Suits help develop self-confidence. The key to a good looking suit is fit, focus on the fit across the shoulder. Wear good tailored suits and do not be afraid of colors.

WATCH: Watches are an essential part of men style, invest in a watch that you love and is comfortable to wear. Own a watch you can wear with a good business suit. An accessory can significantly enhance your look and feel.

SHOES: You have several pair of shoe? Buy more. Vary your shoes with your style. Opt for classy trendy shoes, such as sneakers, dress shoes, boots, leather, suede and flats and so on. Let your gym shoes, be only for the gym. You can own more colors than black and brown.

JEANS: Wear good fitting jeans, and wear until they are yours. You can never go grown with the traditional light blue denim.

COLOGNE/PERFUME: Wear colognes always. Try perfumes that go with your natural scent. You want to walk into and let your smell announce your presence, be careful not to overdo it and make if offensive.

TIES: Own beautiful ties, they are fun. Learn new way to tie them.  Own silky ties, pinstriped, bow ties, knit and varied colors. Let your tie touch the tip of your belt.


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Written by Monsurat