5 Important Travel Safety Tips you need to know

When you go to a whole new territory with little or no idea the level of crime there, you need to know how to keep yourself safe.

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Even when you think you are in a completely safe and lawful environment with little crime rates, you will find that there are still some recalcitrant people who are willing to go against the law and damn the consequences.

There is always some story from purse snatchers down to kidnapping and people taking advantage of vulnerable travelers. It is usually best to plan ahead and do everything you can to prevent the worst, this is why you need to take cognizance of these few travel tips.

  1. Know the Emergency Lines: If you are going to a whole new territory, one of the essential things you must research is their emergency phone lines. In fact, you need to have them memorized. It is also a good idea to have the number of your country embassy or directions on how to get there fast.
  2. Ask Locals for advice: Most locals are friendly and are usually willing to help. Ask them for advice on the safest area in the neighborhood. Ask your hotel receptionist before you step out. Be careful and weary of who you might ask though, when a complete stranger comes to offer unsolicited advice, be sure to crosscheck before taking. Some strangers might be looking to lead you into trouble.
  3. Always Keep in touch with Family: Especially if you are traveling alone, you must keep your family and friends informed about you whereabouts. Sharing your information with your family doesn’t make you weak, it is only a safety measure. Make sure someone else knows where you are staying, where you are going and what you will be doing.
  4. Blend in: Be aware of your clothing, purchase clothes that make you blend in with the locals. Look less like a visitor as much as you can. You will visit some places with dress codes, be sure to research this and buy one or two appropriate clothes. Also, do not wear things that may offend locals and draw attention to you.
  5. Separate your Cash: What I mean by this is, do not carry all of your money out at once. Hide some of them somewhere safe and secure in your hotel room. Have an emergency stash that is easily accessible to you.


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