4 Ways for Men to Accessorize

Learn some funky ways to accessorize your look.

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Accessory used to be something perceived as “for women only” and this makes men hesitate to use them. Although, in some culture men are encouraged to accessorize and are as confident as the women.

However, lots of men have now embraced the use accessory beyond just the regular wristwatch and occasional tie. Accessory is meant to compliment your style and jazz up your look. In that case, if you are just on the path to start accessorizing or would like to upgrade your wardrobe or collection, let these ideas reign in your mind when you walk into that store.

Rings: The only type of ring some men would ever wear is their wedding ring. Whereas, you can slip on a pinky ring, signet ring, sleek ring or any type of ring you may desire, to give you that fashionable vibe you seek. You can wear more than one if you are feeling bold and comfortable.

Watches: Yes, well obviously! This is an all-time fashion statement, but how about a collection of wristwatches. Get them in variations, an oversized watch could be fashionable, depending on how you wear it, a gold or sterling silver watch, leather or just about any type of watch that catches your fancy. The point is, consider switching things up regularly.

Necklaces: Not all men might be kin on this one, but it is trendy and there are no rules to when or how you can wear them. Embellish your neckline and draw attention to your sexiness. You can subtly show off your necklace by tucking it under your shirt and making it only slightly visible. Go for something you are comfortable with and doesn’t make you fidget when noticed.

Bags: Absolutely! You can accessorize with a bag too. Invest in cool and trendy bags from a messenger bag to a laptop bag. When worn in the right way, a bag can give you the stylish look and a sense of relaxation.


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