4 Must Have Handbag Essentials for Ladies

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It is important that as a lady, you prepare for when you leave home and emergencies that may come up outside. There are some essential you should carry in your bag as a lady. Take a look at these bag essentials every lady must have.

Tampons/Sanitary Pad/Panty Liners: These are very important in every ladies’ bag. In fact, you should put them in every single bag you own even when you are not taking them out so as not to forget. You never know when you might need them, even when you track your period, you might still get surprised. Besides, you might just be saving another lady or a young girl who is not prepared.

Makeup Bag: Yes! You should absolutely have a makeup bag or small purse in your bag. It does not have to contain the whole glam makeup kit, only enough for you to touch up what you already have on. In your makeup purse, you should definitely include lip balm or gloss, wipes and tissue, powder, hair brush, hair bands, moisturizer and the basics.

Medication: You never know when a migraine or cramps will pop up. Keep pain relief and allergy medications in your bag for emergencies. You can take them whenever you need and you won’t have to worry about a headache ruining your day.

Portable Charger/Power banks: It is very important that you have a reliable fully charged power bank or portable charger in your bag. It should be able to charge your phone up to five times before it needs a recharge.


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