3 Types of Shorts Every Man Should Own

Shorts can be stylish and worn throughout the day as it allows myriad of dress styles, except maybe of course a formal one.

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There are a variety of shorts every man should consider when shopping, but we thought these three are the most important and versatile short types.

Denim Shorts:

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This is one of the short type that fits all kinds of outfit. They come in both loose and fitted styles, depending on your choice. You can pair your denim short with a patterned shirt or a t-shirt, with a sneakers to complete the look. They are breathable, and won’t leave you hot and sweaty.

Cargo Shorts:

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These are quite comfortable and stylish shorts. They are loose-fitting and can be used for carrying extra items during a walk. They are made of a soft khaki material and are classy for a casual setting.

Chino Shorts:

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These are really classy and trendy shorts every man should own. You can pair your chino shorts with striped shirts and a shoe to give you a dapper, stylish look. They tend to give you the polished, dressy vibe and are also very versatile.


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