3 Tips for Cleaning Marble and Granite Surfaces

Tips for keeping the home clean

[Photo Credit: GranitePro Remodeling]

Although a sure way to add beauty to the home, marble and granite surfaces can be difficult to keep clean due to their porous surfaces. However, taking the proper steps, you can keep your granite and marble surfaces shiny.

Clean Right Away: Granites and Marbles tend to stain easily and you can avoid stains by cleaning immediately. Use water and wipe on the spot without rubbing on it. When the stain is tough, you can make use of warm water, dish washer and soft cleaning towel.

Use Baking Soda and Water Paste: Spread a mixture of baking soda and water on the spot, cover the area with the stain with plastic wrap and leave for a while. Wipe off the paste using a warm, damp cloth.

Hire Professional Help: So as to avoid using harsh cleaning products and scrubbing materials that may lead to your granite and marble looking drab, hire the help of professionals. They are in better position to maintain your granite and marble surfaces, everywhere in your home.


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