With only a few months to the Nigerian Presidential elections, each candidate from the three main political parties, are doing what they can to gain the trust votes of citizens. Will their political antics help them win the desired position?

BY: Aransiola Monsurat | August 20, 2022                         Reading Time: 5 minutes.

The Nigerian presidential elections is only a few months away and each candidate is doing all they can to win the trust and vote of the citizens, more so, the candidates of the three main political parties. Like every other political campaign and elections, this campaign has been interestingly full of drama with each candidate taking different approaches to their campaign strategies in a bid to garner more votes.

The APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, along with the party and his campaign managers, are working on an all-embracing manifesto that will be obtainable to Nigerians at the start of the official campaign. The “King Maker” has assured citizens that his victory in the coming election will bring job creations, elimination of poverty, quality education, and jettison religious and ethnic division. He also banked on his ability to be able to create a working Lagos, and promises to make Nigeria work as well.

Meanwhile, Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate, together with his team of experts promises to restore Nigeria through equality, social justice that will establish a strong and effective democratic government. The candidate promises a strong and true federalism.

The presidential candidate for Labour Party, Peter Obi, who appears to be the “people man” promised to reduce insecurity and poverty in the country. His approach to winning the election is to promise to shift the economy from a consumptive mode to a prolific one. He also promised prevent the criminal activities surrounding oil subsidy. The candidate surrounded himself with an air of integrity and affirms that he, along with his party are ready to move Nigeria to a better place.

In the realities of Nigerian elections, subtle and obvious insults have been thrown by candidates trying to bring each other down. Not surprisingly, this is the same for the 2023 presidential campaign. Citizens will choose sides, insult each other in pubs, homes and communities in show of support of their preferred candidates.

However, citizens can only decide by votes and not mere insults by either the candidates or their supporters. Despite the show of support for a candidate more than the other, come February 25, 2023, Nigeria will decide. Are these mere promises from candidates like in the past? Will their political antics help them win the desired position? That is left to be seen.

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